Monday, February 18, 2013

How I Study... in an Organized Way

I'm super crazy about organization. I'm no where near OCD, but anyone who knows me knows that I'm all about things being in order. Perfect example: my closet is organized by type of clothing and then organized by color. I like to know where something is when I go looking for it, but I'll put that in another post. Today I'm going to explain how I study and get homework done in an organized way.

I'll go through this step by step.

  • Syllabi
Let's start with the syllabi. No disrespect to my professors, but it's quite rare that I get a syllabus that I actually like. I normally have to retype them in a way that's clear, easy to follow, and organized for me personally. This semester I was given a syllabus that was a jumble and super confusing, so I just retyped them like this: I organized them by units, and put each assignment and due date under the given unit. Plain, simple, and extremely easy to follow. 

Once an assignment, test, or reading has been finished, I highlight it so I know that it's done and I don't need to worry about it anymore. I DO NOT HIGHLIGHT UNTIL THE ASSIGNMENT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED. It's really easy to forget or get confused if you get ahead of yourself, so be cautious with that.

  • Planner 
My planner is my sidekick during the semester. I write absolutely anything and everything in it and it's super helpful when I'm trying to keep track of everything. 

Lilly Pulitzer Planner in Skip On It - $26

My planner, much like everything else in my life, is color coordinated. Blue ink if homework assignments, purple is my work schedule, green is "miscellaneous" (things I do in my own time, like concerts, lunch dates, trips home, etc.), and pink is for exams. Once something that's been written has been done, I highlight (just like my syllabi) to mark it's completion.

Moving On......

Here's how I get my weekly assignments organized so I can do them:

I like lists. Shopping lists, to do lists, any kind of list, I like it. I make two different lists before I begin my assignments for the week, and they are all, I bet you could guess it, COLOR COORDINATED.

I pick a color for each subject, and make a list on a piece of notebook paper, the Stickies on my laptop, and organize my syllabi with the corresponding color flag tags. I arrange the subjects in chronological order for when the assignments are due. As you can see above, my bio assignments are due the 22nd, and everything else is due the 24th, so I'll obviously get my bio done first. 

I've got to stop writing this post and get back to making a dent in my massive pile of work due at the end of this week! I hope this helps someone other than me! 


  1. This was a great help to me. I struggled with studying in high school and now that I'm in college I feel like there is a HUGE need to study in an organized way!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Planners are a life saver!

  3. Thank you, this was awesome. I love all the pretty colors. I just went out and bought a TON of colored pens and I have a new planner and the color coding is working.

  4. Highlighting is such a great tool for marking things complete! So many people just cross it off, but then things either get really messy or you can't read them anymore (or both). Highlighting works so much better to get something visually "out of the way," but still leave it legible!

  5. Love this! So helpful :) I do similar things, but its cool to hear how you do it!